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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hasbro, the company that also brought us Transformers, one of the most
successful action movie series ever produced comes Battleship.  The
Battle for Earth continues.

When an ominous alien boat lands in the port outside New York City,
the Navy must go into action to try and combat this new menace. But
can Earth survive the alien’s unseen force field and speeding rotating
whipping weapons. The aliens resemble a large metal predator like

Battleship stars Academy Award Nominee, Liam Neeson, born in Northern
Ireland, who has acted in more than 80 films including Spielberg’s
Schindlers list, Stars Wars Phantom Menace and recently playing the
omnipotent Zeus in Wrath of the Titans. He also played the lead in
Taken. His dynamic unyielding strong arm appeal provides an equally
powerful level of tension and conflict in combating the unknown alien
force in Battleship.

Taylor Kitsch plays Lt. Hopper whose engaged to be married to Sam
Shane played by Sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker
 Brooklyn has acted in more than half a dozen films adds to the warm
and excitement of this highly anticipated release. Brooklyn has
appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue every year from
2006-2010, appearing on the cover of the 2010 issue.
Brooklyn was born in Ohio and discovered in a Charlotte Mall. Besides
Sports Illustrated, she has appeared in Victorias Secret, FHM, Teen
Vogue and JC Penny.  She is ranked as the fifth sexist model in the
world and ranked number 2 by Maxim.

The Director /Producer Peter Berg has worked on many different films
including the Transformers series previously.
Battleship was developed from the famous game by Hasbro, Who sank my
battleship? was a familiar phrase throughout the sixties and
seventies, so this film will be much anticipated by the many baby
boomers who screamed that phrase many times,
Rihanna, the Grammy award winning singer also makes an appearance as
Petty Officer Raikes.
Alexander Skarsgard born in Sweden also stars as the Commanding
officer of the USS Samson. Some of his previous credits include True
Blood, Straw Dogs, Trust Me, Moomins and the Comet Chase (voice in
American Release).

This film has the big budget looks with plenty of explosions and cool
high tech gadgetry. For fans of the big Action Adventure this film
looks like it has all the elements of really fun big budget release.
For the fans of Transformers they should be very happy with the very
large and expensive action set pieces, This film should bring in big
money for the studios and make the Who sank my battleship boomers

The aliens appeared dressed in metal suits with built in metal swords.
They appear to have scary alien eyes and unrelenting fighting skills.
The writer Jon Hoeber previous credits include: Red (2010), Whiteout
(2009) and Montana (1998).

This film is being released by Universal which has a long history of
cutting edge adventurer and science fiction titles throughout the last
fifty years.

written by Mitch Rubman

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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Stafford Breakfast

Chicken and Waffles,

Chase hollywood blvd

Hollywood Graffitti, Hollywood blvd.,

Hollywood blvd. Hollywood california

The streets of los angeles street art

Wall art silverlake 2012


Wired on coffee

Polka dots

Street los angeles attach

Art wall

Hollywood Street Art, Graffitti, Mural, Composite,



Butchr street art silverlake griffith park blvd,

The art walker

Serious about polka dots


Hollywood Polka dots-- art walk- silverlake, california,

Seeing polka dots ohh.. notice the earthquake crack running through..

Skeleton of los angeles,

Streets of los angeles

the streets of los angeles, the art of by photographer rubman

Post Oscars Coffee

Post oscars photo by mitch rubman

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