Mitch Rubman's Coffee Cup Club

Mitch Rubman's Coffee Cup Club
Night Coffee

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Groundwork coffee renovations.

Renovation report

Hollywood pigeons meetup. On top of the world.

Hollywood Pigeons.

Coffeecupclub more coffee.

Ah porcelain

Bourgeois pig, Hollywood. Coffee? Scorsese homage.

Saturday continued
At the bourgeois pig,

Coffeecupclub. Supreme blast.

late meetings. coffeecupclub!

Coffeecupclub late afternoon meeting.

Chasing fame Hollywood style.

Wrdsmth. Hollywood 2014. Chasing fame.

Avian division Coffeecupclub. Hollywood!

He drank coffee like a sparrow! New member Coffeecupclub avian division. News at 11.

Saturday under Hollywood clouds.

Saturdays Coffeecupclub meetings will be outdoors