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Sunday, April 24, 2016

the space shuttle at the museum of science

view of the undercarriage, fact sheet and flight details

the space shuttle at the museum of science, Los Angeles

SR-71, spy plane at the museum of science, fact sheet

Mach 2

SR71 FRONT view of the black bird

Spy plane


spy plane


off LA Brea on Beverly

Good morning America

wake up and smell the coffee

Monday, April 18, 2016

Missing Cat: Fifi

Hollywood Buffet list from American English

The Buffet list

Acapulco Mexican
4444 W Sunset Blvd

(323) 665-5751

Americana Buffet & Grill

3650 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd,
323) 291-8965

Cafe Sierra

555 Universal Hollywood Dr

(818) 824-4237

Choeng Wun Korean BBQ

(323) 465-7590

Diamond Buffet
110 S Brand Blvd CA 90057
(818) 662-9011

Dream Korean BBQ Koreatown
100 S Western Blvd, 90004
(213) 388-7668
(213) 989-1888
Gate of India Buffet

7300 W Sunset Blvd

(323) 873-2690

Govinda’s Natural Food
Palms, 3764 Watseka Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034

 (310) 836-1269

Grand Café

251 S Olive St

 (213) 356-4155

Hokkaido Seafood Buffet

Rancho Park
10850 W Pico Blvd

 (310) 475-8181

King Buffet
1375 N Western Ave

(323) 468-9398

Luv2Eat Thai Bistro
6660 W Sunset Blvd
(323) 498-5835
M Grill

3832 Wilshire Blvd

(213) 389-2770

Mister Bossam

Koreatown, Wilshire Center
338 S Western Ave

(213) 262-7841

New Panda Buffet

Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw
5120 Rodeo Rd

 (323) 291-5555

Paramount Commissary

5555 Melrose ave.
 (323) 956-8398

Secret Garden

1925 W Olympic Blvd

 (213) 386-1100


1323 Highland Ave
(323) 467-2353

7001 Santa Monica Blvd.
(323) 463-1104


100 N La Cienega Blvd
8491 W 3rd St
(310) 289-9610
(323) 655-0381


338 S Western Ave
(213) 262-7841

Vegas Seafood Buffet
7021 Hollywood Blvd

(323) 462-4300

Whole Foods Market West Hollywood
7871 Santa Monica Blvd
West 90046


hollywood mornings

coffee time, Monday morning

Monday, April 11, 2016

American English: Soccer Terms by Mitch Rubman

The game starts with a kick into the opposing team’s side.
The object of soccer is to score more goals than your opponent. Only goalies are allowed to use their hands.
There are 11 total players on the field. The team is comprised of the following:  one goalie, four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers.

Attacker: The attacker is the player that possesses the ball.
Corner (kawr-ner): A corner is when a player touches the ball last and it travels out of bounds. The game restarts with a kick from the closest corner.
Crossbar (kraws-bahr): A long diagonal pass.
Defenders: The Defenders that stay in back of the midline to try and prevent goals from being scored.
Dribble (drib-uhl): Moving the ball forward by using the feet.
Forwards/strikers. The forwards are the ones kicking the ball into the goal.
Goal (gohl): When the ball is scored by a player it is called a goal. All goals under international law must be scored. The size of the goal is 24 feet by 8 feet.
Goalkeeper or Goalie (goh-lee): The Goalie protects the goal and is the only one allowed to use his arms. He must be fast, strong and smart.
Heading (hed): Using your head to direct the balls flight.
Linesman (lahynz-muhn): An assistant referee.
Midfielders: The Midfielders control most of the motion of the ball through the field.
Obstruction (uhb-struhk-shuhn): A player uses his body to block another player from getting the ball.
Off sides: Off sides is called when a player is in front of the ball or in the opponent’s half.
Penalty (pen-l-tee) spot: A small spot 12 yards out from the center of the goal where penalty shots are made.
Red card: The final card after two yellow cards throwing the player out of the game.
Send off (send-awf): When the player is removed.
Shielding: Shielding is keeping possession of the ball by using your body to block the opponent.
Shot (shot): A shot is when the ball is kicked or headed directly at the net to score a goal.
Tackling (tak-uhl): Tackling is using the feet or the shoulder to get the ball away from the carrier.
Throw-ins: A throw-in is when the ball travels outside the field, the opposing team gets to throw the ball back into the field. Some of the rules for the throw-in include: the player must throw the ball back into the field with both hands over his head and his feet must be on the ground. He must throw the ball from the spot where it went out.
Violations that result in a red card are: tripping a player, kicking a player, charging a player, spitting at a player, handling the ball, illegal blocking, charging the goal keeper, goal keeper using his hands when a team mate kicks the ball, wasting time.
Yellow card: A referee issues a yellow card as a warning violation to a player, when the player receives two yellow cards he issues a red card which removes the player from the game. 

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